The gospel is free, but planting a church isn’t. Any church plant costs real money to meet, support leaders, equip ministries, and reach people who don’t know Jesus. For example, our church family was birthed by God through the generosity of hundreds and thousands of people. Citylight Omaha sent us with $100,000. Citylight Benson gave us $10,000. Our Christian and Missionary Alliance family gave us $96,000. Sherwood Community Church gave us a building worth more than $1 million. And many of you give sacrificially and consistently. Add that up, and it’s a lot of money! To share the free gospel costs some real dollars. That’s how we got to CB!


Now we don’t want that generosity to end on us. We want to receive the outlandish generosity of hundreds and thousands of people and turn to give outlandishly to the next church plant. And the next church plant. And the next. We want to multiply disciples and churches through outrageous generosity. And in 2018, we want to send some of the generosity we know in CB…to Kansas City! As you give this end-of-year, will you join us in our outrageous generosity that we’ve received…and that we love to give. From CB to KC!


Between Sunday, November 18, and Monday, December 31, 2018, we want to set two giving goals before our church!

This is for regular, ongoing mission in Council Bluffs. That’s our regular budget for 1-1/2 months. This allows us to keep multiplying City Groups, gathering to worship Jesus, supporting staff, and reaching people in our city. Goal #1 is making our regular budget here.

This is for KC! And get this: because of your generosity thus far, we’ve already sent $20,500 to Kansas City. Well done! With this end-of-year giving, we aiming to send another $29,500 to them, making a total of $50,000. That’s outrageous generosity! That’s something only God can do. That’s miraculous. That’s CB to KC.