Love.  Sex.  Marriage.  Some of the most mentioned-yet-avoided, most taboo-yet-flagrant topics in our culture.  From our city of 70,000 to our nation of 327 million, we’re asking about…

  • Love…How do I fall in love?  Why did I fall out of love?  What does love look like?
  • Sex…Is it good?  How do I get more?  How do I get the most out of it?
  • Marriage…Does it matter any more?  Is it worth hanging in there with my spouse?

Thankfully, the Bible is far from silent when it comes to love, sex, and marriage.  Our wise and good God has spoken with clarity and kindness, and, dare we say it, with passion!  Love, sex, and marriage are themes laced through the Bible, but they all come together and shine brightly in the Song of Songs – a scintillating celebration of marital love and sex, of passion and purity!

On Friday evening, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, we’re leading our very own Passion and Purity Conference aimed at stirring our hearts towards passion and purity in our relationships.  Our prayer is that dozens of people will discover the pleasure of knowing Jesus, that singles will have clarity on the pleasure of purity, and marriages will taste the pleasure of passion.

You might be wondering…

  1. Is the conference just for married couples?  Nope.  In fact, the book of Song of Songs is written especially for singles.  The Passion and Purity Conference will have break-out tracks that singles will find both interesting and helpful.
  2. Can I invite my friends?  Absolutely.  While the Passion and Purity Conference is hosted by our church, it is open to anyone.
  3. Is there a cost?  Yep.  As much as we wish otherwise, conferences like this cost money.  The costs are $25 per adult, or $45 per couple.  Onsite childcare is an additional $20 per child.  The costs cover snacks, meals, and resources provided for the conference.  If you need a scholarship, please email to inquire about availability.
  4. When does the conference start and end?  Doors open on Friday, May 17 @ 5pm for registration.  Childcare is available beginning at 5:30pm, and the conference kicks off at 6pm.  The Friday evening sessions will conclude around 8:15pm.  Doors open, breakfast is available, and childcare starts on Saturday, May 18 @ 8:30am, and the conference kicks off at 9am.  The conference concludes on Saturday around 1:30/2:00pm.  Individual counseling/coaching sessions, along with onsite childcare, will be available upon request from 2-5pm on Saturday.
  5. What if I can only make it on Friday night or Saturday, but not both?  We can work something out!  Please email for more details on cost.
  6. What will this conference be “rated”?  That’s a great question!  Part of the reason for the conference is so that we can walk through specific passages in the Song of Songs and teach clearly on the topic of sex.  The content is pure, but it is also passionate.  The passages in Song of Songs are far from crude, but they are also not prude.

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