This Sunday, July 21 is a unique opportunity for our church!  Every year RAGBRAI is an Iowa-spanning bike race with thousands of people having fun on a cross-state trek.  This year the race begins right here in Council Bluffs.  For our church that means two fun things:

  1. We will move our Sunday gatherings to 4 & 6PM.  The RAGBRAI riders will be going right by our building on Sunday morning via Highway 6 and Railroad Highway and both highways will be fully closed.  So instead of clogging traffic, we’re moving our gatherings to the evening @ 4 & 6PM.  Citylight Kids will be provided for 8 weeks-4 years, and we’ll have coffee, tea, cookies, and fruit.
  2. We’re going to serve our city!  Hosting RAGBRAI is a massive undertaking for our city, and we want to pitch in to do our part.  We invite you to click here to sign up to serve, and let’s have a blast!

Thanks for being a church for our city!