What’s Citylight School all about?

When God is on the move, leaders are on the rise! We’re thrilled to celebrate new churches planted, new City Groups launched, more peoples reached, and more teams serving. And with every new church, every new City Group, each reach out, and each team serving, new leaders are rising up. Citylight School exists to equip the leaders rising up! To invite new leaders to step up. To inspire all leaders to multiply disciples and churches for the glory of Jesus. All-school rallies and small-group cohorts and carefully chosen books and in depth Bible study come together for a broad and intentional leadership development that we hope benefits you – at whatever level of leadership you find yourself or whatever leadership you want to step into.

When is Citylight School?

There are 3 key elements to Citylight School, and here’s when they happen:

  • All-School Rallies.  This is when all the students come together for shared teaching and training.  The 3 all-school rallies are all Sunday evenings, October 13, January 19, and April 5.  Year 1 students meet from 5-7pm.  Year 2 students meet from 6-8pm.
  • Cohort Meetings.  Once per month, you will meet with your cohort (a few other students of the same gender) to discuss what you’re learning.  Your cohort will set the time and place for these meetings.
  • Personal reading and writing.  You’ll be reading books and the Bible during the weeks on your own time.  You set the pace and pick the place.

How much does it cost?

Leadership is full of joy, but always comes at a cost, too. For Citylight School, the costs to consider are time & finances. The financial cost for Citylight School is differs based on whether or not you have Citylight Council Bluffs purchase your reading material for each track. The financial costs for Citylight School are:

Year 1

  • $25 – You buy your books
  • $70 – Citylight Council Bluffs buys your books

Year 2

  • $25 – You buy your books
  • $70 – Citylight Council Bluffs buys your books

Year 1 books are…

Year 2 books are…

Stories – Real Students With Real Life Change

“Citylight School gave me a greater understanding of how my gifts and talents fit with Citylight’s mission. But more importantly, Citylight School showed me how I can actively live out Jesus’s great commission to further His kingdom!”
Amanda Cool

“Citylight School helped me develop more of a passion for digging into God’s Word, and getting what I think and feel out onto paper and in conversations with my cohort! ”
Mark Murray


If you’re interested in attending Citylight School this year, we’d love to have you join us! To apply, please follow this link: