In the past 24 hours, our elders have been listening, researching, praying, and talking about all the developments with the coronavirus.  We listened to our governor’s press conference, read papers from our local task force, talked with medical professionals, heard from workers and families in our church, and kept our ear bent towards God’s heart.
Practically and most immediately, we’ve decided to make our Sunday gatherings tomorrow digital!  As much as we love gathering together, singing, listening to the preached Scriptures, and connecting with one another, we feel this is the wisest course of action for now.  But we will still have the sermon and announcements all posted to our YouTube page by 10AM.
But that’s not all!
As you know, our church gathers and we scatter.  It stinks that we won’t gather tomorrow, but we believe that in a time like this, our scatterings can become even more powerful.  We are the church; we don’t just go to church.  So, how can we scatter?
1. Talk with your City Group.  Maybe you could meet in a smaller group to watch the sermon together and discuss it.  Maybe do a Facebook Watch Party together online and share your thoughts.  This way you can interact as you listen and don’t even have to keep quiet.  🙂
2. We are putting together a crisis response team.  We want to activate our church to serve vulnerable populations in our city, make groceries or medicine runs for people who are self-quaratined or at-risk, provide meals for children who might not have free lunch available to them if schools cancel.  Because of our hope in Jesus, we can step up and serve our city.
3. If you’re at risk, self-quarantined, or need practical help like grocery errands, medication errands, etc., we’d love to hear from you and see what we can do.  You can email us at info@citylightcb.org.
4. If you can step up and help – whether it’s running errands, coordinating service to vulnerable people, or have a unique skill set, we’d also love to hear from you.  Again, please email info@citylightcb.org.
Citylight, this is a unique moment for us and our church.  Thank you so much for your patience this week with all of our communication, but even more so, thank you for being a church that scatters with courage.  Scatters with love for the hurting and the sick.  Scatters with hope to share with the poor and the needy.  Scatters with each other to make disciples in smaller groups.  Scatters into your workplace, into hospitals, into schools, into neighborhoods to share the love of Jesus in practical ways.  Citylight, tomorrow we may not GO to church, but we will gladly BE the church – to one another and to our city.
We love you,
Erick and Doug