Hey Church Family!

Last week we reached out to give some updates about the potential of our church having in-person gatherings to go along with our ongoing online gatherings.  In that letter we mentioned…

Our hope is [to add in-person gatherings on] Sunday, May 10!  But we have to be honest: we’re taking it week by week.  Our staff and elders will be working, planning, and preparing for in-person gatherings on May 10, while also tracking local data on COVID-19 cases and honoring any updated government requests.  We should have a more clear and definite answer for you this time next week, but the hope (please Jesus!) is that we will provide in-person gatherings on May 10.

Last night our elders met to pray, listen, and make an updated decision, and we decided to delay in-person gatherings.  We will not be having in-person gatherings this Sunday, May 10.

To be honest, it wasn’t an easy decision.  Just like there’s a range of thoughts and feelings among our whole church, there’s also a range of thoughts and feelings within our elder team.  We weighed through some Scripture passages and realized the Bible simply doesn’t spell out which Sunday we should begin gathering again.  Therefore, we looked to the unity of our team as each of us had spent time in prayer, shared our thoughts, and, as a team, decided to continue only online gatherings and not in-person gatherings this Sunday.

We anticipate you might have varied emotions and thoughts about this decision, too.  Some might feel relieved.  Some might feel sad.  Some might feel confused or worried.  We encourage you to take those feelings and thoughts to Jesus, feel complete freedom to share them with us, too, and let’s keep enjoying unity together as a church.

Our elders are committed to keep communication flowing to you as best as possible, and we are committed to hearing communication from you.  You can email doug@citylightcb.org or erick@citylightcb.org, and we can easily pass that along to our elder team.

We love you church family!

Erick and Doug