Hey leaders, I hope you are all well! Looking forward to another week of loving others like Jesus! This week as you gather, I pray Jesus will make it clear all the ways you, His Church, can meet needs that otherwise would go without. I’m praying with all of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you have any questions, email me at Tyler@citylightcb.org call/text 402-490-5509. Blessings

Ice Breaker: Who would you want on your team that would be the key to your success? It can be a sport, your office project, or anything you want to win in.

Sermon Summary: Belief, love and obedience. Head, heart, hands. John is outlining what it means to be a Christian in the family of God. He’s giving us a simple definition of faith. Faith is belief in Jesus that makes us lovers of Him and His people and obeyers of His commands.

Read the Scriptures out loud together: 1 John 5:1-12

  • What word or verse stood out to you? Why?

-When we’re born into God’s family, we get a new heart with new desires-

  • What are some new desires Jesus gave you when you placed your faith in Him?
  • Who’s someone you have had the privilege of watching God save them and give them His Spirit and a new heart? What new desires has God given them?

-God’s commands are far easier than the religious rules of men and women-

  • What are some religious rules you’ve heard or grew up with?
  • What does human religious requirements look like? (Think rules you make for yourself. Ex: you can’t smoke, chew or date girls who do”. -Erick)
  • How can Jesus say His burdens are NOT burdensome?

-Real love removes the burden-

  • John says obedience is a way that we love God. Why is obedience such a hard command to obey?
  • What are some things in the world that are competing for your heart?
  • Obedience is part of faith. Where is God calling you to act in obedience right now and you’re having a hard time obeying Him?
  • How does real love remove that burden?
  • How can your City Group pray and encourage you to walk in obedience?

Pray it out!