Hey City Group leaders, we are wrapping up our 1 John series, and we’ve learned that John is intense, to the point, and in his world, life is black or white. I don’t know about you, but it’s sparked a lot of God-centered conversations in my small group and in the men’s group. I pray this is the case for all of you, and this week is no exception. Praying with all of you.

Ice Breaker: When’s the last time you gave your car a wash or wax?

Sermon Summary: Looking at 1 John 5:18-21, we see that in a world of sin, Jesus keeps us safe.  And in our life with Jesus, we keep away from idols. This is good news because our bible highlights that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. But those who are in Jesus are protected by Him. The deadly darkness of sin reveals the life-giving light of Jesus all the more. The shocking reality of Satan reveals the infinite goodness of Jesus more.

Read the Scriptures: 1 John 5: 18-21

  • What word or verse stood out to you? Why?

Main Idea: In a world of sin, Jesus keeps us safe. And in our life with Jesus, we keep away from idols.

-In a world of sin, Jesus keeps us safe-

  • Why is sin so tempting even though it’s so deadly?
  • How can we give ourselves to sin so much, so repeatedly, so thoroughly that we end up preferring sin over life?

-While John is so intense and we might think “slow your roll,” this could be a lullaby, a favorite strategy of sin and Satan, to put us to spiritual sleep and keep us distracted from the intense truths John’s trying to teach-

  • Why is this so dangerous, and where are you tempted to get distracted or spiritually “fall asleep”? (Leaders- Encourage the group that our bibles call us to be awake, alert, and sober-minded, that there is an enemy on the prowl seeking someone to devour)
  • How can we spiritually stay awake knowing the enemy can’t touch us because Jesus steps in and protects us? Why is that good news?

-In our life with Jesus, we keep away from idols-

-Back in the bible times, an idol would be easy to spot. It was a carven image that people worshiped. -When we allow Jesus to give us purpose, and only He satisfies our every longing and our deepest desires, gives us value and true purpose, and when Jesus is the one to make us happy, are we safe from idols-

  • What would you say are some modern-day idols? (Leader hint- Today, an idol is anything that we ask to do what only Jesus can do.  An idol is anything we trust to be what only Jesus can be.)
*Break out into groups of 2-3*

-Before you break out into small groups, ask the group the following-

  • What are idols in your heart? Where are you prone to make a good thing a God thing, and how can you destroy or demote that idol?

(Leader instructions- I would encourage you guys to group up separately with women in a group and men in a different group. Encourage the small groups that confession is a biblical thing, and this is a safe place to open up. Then encourage the small groups to encourage one another and pray for one another.

(Leader encouragement- follow the leading of the spirit. I want to encourage you; this doesn’t have to be as scary as we make it out to be. Praying that you all have a blessed week!)