Hey City Group leaders, I hope you are well and enjoying this week’s glorious weather. Maybe this week, have a cookout and ask those in your City Group to bring their own meat to grill. This is a great way to have fun, be outside, and an opportunity to invite some neighbors over. Praying with you this week.

Ice Breaker: What song or album have you listened to on repeat more than any other? Why?

Sermon Summary: Songs were made for repeat. In fact, the Bible is so into songs on repeat and meditation on those songs that there’s a collection of ancient songs, written and preserved for us to read and rehearse and repeat even still today. This summer, we will be in the book of Psalms. “Psalms” simply means songs. And songs were made for repeat.

Read the Scriptures: Psalms 1.

What word or verse stood out to you? Why?

Main Idea: The blessing of Bible meditation helps us avoid some of the dumb stuff that wicked people do. Bible meditation means we enjoy the delights of the word of God.

-Blessing of Bible Meditation-

“Bible meditation is better than being rich; it’s like having a full-time counselor guiding you through life.” -Doug.

  • Why might Bible meditation benefit you and be similar to having a bunch of “full-time counselors” guiding you through life?
  • How has bible meditation aided and guided you through some difficult situations or decisions in your life? Do you see the benefits of Bible meditation? Why or why not?

-Bible meditation means we enjoy the delights of the word of God-

  • In the past month, what has bible meditation looked like for you? What has worked and what hasn’t worked for you? Do you have a Bible plan or an app you use?
  • It’s never too late to pick up the Bible and start reading it and chewing on the nutrients that are there and abundant. Why is it sometimes hard to read or want to read our Bibles?
  • What might it look like to graze on God’s word throughout your day? Would a screenshot on your phone of a pictural verse help remind you of God’s truth? Would a sticky note on your mirror or dashboard help remind you? What ideas or methods have helped you meditate and graze on God’s word?
  • Bible meditation is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s read, repeat, read, slow down, read, repeat, slow down. How can we remind ourselves Bible meditation is slow and requires true focus in a culture that is such a fast pace? (Look back to the pace in verse 3, walk, stand, sit.) How can looking to Jesus’ ministry remind us of the pace we too can follow?
  • What are some goals you have for this summer when it comes to bible meditation, and how can your City Group encourage you and be praying for you?

(Leaders, will you invite your City Group to read the Psalms this summer. If you read five Psalms a day over a month, you’ll finish the whole book. Encourage your group to S.O.A.P through the Psalms. S.O.A.P(ing) is a great way to get the most out of the verses and chapters in God’s word. It helps us have more focused time, it helps us slow down and get closer to 40,000 chews a day ☺. If the member(s) of your CG agree, even if just one person is faithful, have them share at the beginning of the group this summer what they S.O.A.P(ed). It could be really encouraging to the person sharing and to those in your group to think about Bible meditations and it’s benefits! For more information on S.O.A.P click on the link https://www.citylightcb.org/city-group-resources/)

Pray it out!