Hey leaders! How are you living on mission this summer? I know it’s tempting in the summer months to want to take them off and just vacay. Can I encourage you? The summer is a unique season to make an impact on your neighbor and neighborhoods! Summer is a perfect time to invite the neighborhoods over and have a BBQ. You can setup lawn games in the front yard, have lunch with one of your elderly neighbors, start a dog walking date where you meet with a neighbor and walk your furry friends together. Summer is a great time to engage with people intentionally. On Facebook comment below some ways you’re living on mission this summer. I’m praying with all of you this week.

Ice Breaker: Who’s an artist on your playlist that you’re not proud to admit?

Sermon Summary: Reading the Psalms individually is great. But where they shine is when you read them in order. As if they are connected, because they are connected. We look at Psalm 88-89 and see how the Psalmist is at the very bottom of despair. We get this picture that the Psalmist has no confidence; there is no declaration of God’s goodness and His work to restore. It is all negative and ends with the Psalmist alone, drowning, destroyed, and essentially dead. Who or what do we turn to if we find ourselves in similar circumstances as the Psalmist?
We turn to a person! That’s Jesus! When life is at its lowest, we remember truth about God, and we cling to Jesus.

Read the Scriptures: Psalms 88:13-18 & 89:1-14

What word or verse stood out to you? Why?

(OR…is your group S.O.A.P(ing) in the Psalms this summer? Have someone share what they soaped in 5 min or less. For a resource on how to S.O.A.P click on the link https://www.citylightcb.org/city-group-resources/ )

Main Idea: We remember truth about God, and we cling to Jesus.

-When life is at its lowest, we remember the truth about God-

  • How can Psalm 88 wrap up with “darkness is my closest friend” and the very next chapter, the Psalmist is singing praises and declaring how awesome God is?
  • What truth or attribute about God do you meditate on when life is at its lowest?
  • While suffering, the Psalmists fixes his eyes on how powerful and infinite God is. Read Psalms, 89:5-18 again and call out and make a list of all the truths and attributes the Psalmist lists about how awesome God is.
  • From that list, what truth about God do you need to hold onto in this season, and or what truth about God do you need grace and strength to believe more fully?

-When life is at its lowest, we cling to Jesus-

  • What are some practical ways you can cling to Jesus?
  • Today, there are many self-help books out in our world, “how to live your best life now”. Everyone wants to hope and believe for a better tomorrow, especially in the midst of suffering. If part of clinging to Jesus is pointing one another towards Jesus… Share a time someone did that for you, how did it encourage you, and how were you comforted?
  • Who is someone in the midst of suffering you can point towards Jesus today?

Pray it out!