Hey leaders, here are some suggestions for this week’s discussion time. Would you be praying with me? City Groups are picking up momentum! Praise Jesus! More people are inquiring about finding a spiritual family to belong to, every week. Here’s the need; we need more leaders to emerge and to multiple to create space for others to be a part of what God is doing. I know multiplication can sound like subtracting or losing what you have. Let me encourage you to think this way… Would you have the group you’ve had this past season if someone else didn’t do the hard but crucial work of multiplying? I know I wouldn’t have the people in my City Group if others didn’t model what it looks like to multiply. Will you be praying with me, and if there is someone in your group that is capable and feels a stirring to lead a City Group would you reach out and share their name? I’m grateful for all of you and praying with you this week.

Ice Breaker: Where’s the most relaxing place you’ve listened to a sermon before?

Main Idea: Do you ever wonder what’s going on inside of a person? Maybe there was a time you were reading the scriptures (maybe looking at the life of David) and you thought to yourself, why does he seem so calm and full of hope in these terrible circumstances? There might be all this external evidence, but what is the person really thinking on the inside? If you’ve ever wondered what a life of faith looks like on the inside, Psalm 3 gives us a glimpse. It’s a journal entry that David wrote in a time when his faith was under assault. David knows God as a shield, his defender, the lifter of his head, and a God that hears his prayers.

Read the Scriptures out loud together: Psalm 3

  • What word or verse stood out to you? Why? Or have someone share in 2-5mins what they’ve S.O.A.P(ed) this week.

-You are a shield and the lifter of my head-

The word for shield is used 17 times in the Psalms to describe God. He is a shield, defender, and fortress for his people. That mattered to David. He knew opposition and accusations in his life. He was familiar with conflict.

  • When’s a time you have experienced God as the one lifting your head and a shield around you?
  • The picture of a shield in the bible isn’t something that you hold in your arm and you try to protect yourself. The bible tells us God is our shield. It’s a 360 degree or radius of protection. How does that change the way you view God as your shield?
  • When’s a time you had peace to lay your head down and slept when you should have been wide awake full of worry?

-You answer me-

When David wrote Psalm 3 his life was a mess and God heard his prayers!

  • Erick shared some ideas of people he knows on how they view prayer. What are some lies you’ve believed about prayer? When is it okay to pray? How should you pray? Where should you pray?
  • Do you believe that Jesus is joyful and eager to hear your prayers, or do you feel more like it is a duty and obligation to Him?
  • Do you pray like you are talking to a friend, father, someone you are in a close relationship with? Why or why not?

Friends, Jesus is over-flowing with joy to hear our prayers. He hears, He cares, and He loves you. For the next 5-10 mins break out in small groups (2-3 people) and share what is most pressing on your hearts and pray into it.