Hello leaders, praying for all of you. I’m grateful and reminded that the relationships you’ve built during the time that you’ve invested are what makes the difference in the life of our church. You are building up the next CLK volunteers that will take the Gospel to our kids. You are raising up the next City Group leaders that will reach a neighborhood, network, and community that otherwise wouldn’t exist. The list could go on. We mean it when we say, what you do matters.

Ice Breaker: What is your favorite photo album? Why? It could be memories on social media or pictures you found cleaning out your parents’ or grandparents’ place.

Sermon Summary: Psalm 90 is a prayer of Moses, a man of God that puts our short time on earth in perspective. Moses’ prayer teaches us how to pray; it teaches us to number our days. His prayer calls us to seek a heart of wisdom. Why? Life is short, like the flower that sprouts in the morning and is scorched by the heat mid-day. Time is tiny in the grand scheme of eternity. Let’s live a life full of wisdom, knowing we have the favor of the Lord.

Read the Scriptures out loud together: Psalm 90

What word or verse stood out to you? Why?

-Teach us to number our days-

  • Aaron did some math of important days in his life, but Moses isn’t asking us to simply count our days 1, 1000, 10,000. Rather make the most of today, for it’s a gift. When are you tempted to tune out/check out when the Spirit might be asking you to press in?


  • Proverbs 21 says, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth, “Why at times is it more tempting to live for tomorrow or the next big event instead of living for today, present, taking care of the worries of the day?


  • What we do with the hour we are given really the only thing we have power over. What would it look like to make the most of each hour? Is that possible? Who’s someone you know that lives in the present, well?

-Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us-

  • Looking at the text and what you know about a heart of wisdom, what would you say to someone asking, how do I get a heart of wisdom?


  • The favor of the Lord- Though our secret sin is before Him, if you placed faith in Jesus, He doesn’t hold it over your head. You are forgiven! How does it stir your heart to worship Jesus knowing your secret sin is covered by His blood?


  • What is one thing, looking back on your life, that you are grateful is in or isn’t in your Spiritual album? Why?


  • What scripture passages do you know that have helped you build a heart of wisdom?

Pray it out!