Hey City Group leaders, praying you all have an awesome week meeting and connecting and pointing one another towards Jesus. Is there someone in your group and/or someone you know who hasn’t been baptized? What would it look like for you to come alongside them and encourage them to follow Jesus and get baptized? This is an awesome opportunity to disciple someone. If you have any questions, the staff at Citylight would love to help you navigate those waters with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Grateful for all you do!

Ice Breaker: Have you ever wanted to know what will happen before it happens?
Why is it tempting to skip to the end to see if something is worth it, like a movie or a book?

Read the Scriptures out loud together: Psalm 110

  • What word or verse stood out to you? Why?

Sermon Summary:  If you’ve ever wondered things like, “With all the crazy stuff happening in the world, how’s it all going to work out?” Or “What will happen if the church gets sidelined in our culture?” Psalm 110 is for you! God is showing us the end while we’re in the middle. It helps us, God’s people, look forward to and worship God for what He will do. It gives us hope for these stressful days, somewhere in the middle of history. We can take heart knowing Jesus is a greater King than King David and Jesus is our high priest. Both these things give meaning in the middle of our everyday lives as we follow and trust Jesus with our lives.

-Jesus is the King of kings, greater than King David-

  • Psalm 110 is a messianic prophecy (a prediction of things to come). Vs. 1 The Lord says to my Lord… Why does the identity of this mystery Lord matter to king David and us, the reader?
  • Jesus will rule one day with such power and might that people will freely offer themselves to serving Him. Where’s an area of your life or your heart that Jesus wants to rule and reign before He establishes God’s eternal Kingdom on earth? Where in your Christian life is it not easy or a joy to follow Him, and what truths of the gospel do you need to believe more fully?
  • David was a great king, but he is still in the grave. Jesus conquered death; the grave could not hold Him! How does this stir your heart to deeper worship towards King Jesus?
  • Who’s someone you are praying for that doesn’t know Jesus as King?

-Jesus is our high priest-

  • What were some of the roles of the Priests in the Old Testament?
  • How is Jesus different from the Priests we see and read about in the Old Testament? (leader hint: Jesus shattered sin once and for all, He was a perfect sacrifice, he sacrificed himself (he was the lamb), He doesn’t need to offer sacrifices for Himself then for the people, Jesus’ sacrifice is enough for all time, for all people, in all places.)
  • “Psalm 110 is true!” It was written so that we can know the last page while we’re living in the middle! What about Psalm 110 and the sermon gave you hope to hold onto for whatever it is you are currently or may in the future be facing while in the middle?

Pray it out!