Hey leaders! What an awesome all Citylight Baptism Sunday!! Over 70 people got baptized. 70 plus people said yes, to King Jesus, committing to following Him for the rest of their lives. Jesus is still seeking and saving the lost! Let’s keep the celebration going… This isn’t going to be a conventional week for discussion questions (I encourage you to look at the suggestions below and trust where the Spirit leads you for the night), but this is a great week nonetheless, to connect and celebrate all that God is doing!

Ice Breaker: Have you ever left something in your car and couldn’t find it until the smell was overwhelming? If so, what was it, and how long did you have to live with it?

Sermon Summary: Jamison from Citylight Benson highlighted how the Gospel is for all! It doesn’t matter what ethnicity, your economic status, employment status, what gender you are, your age… the Gospel is for everyone!

Read John 3:16

  • What word stands out to you? Why?

-Talk about Jamison’s sermon. What is something from this Sunday that you are celebrating?
What stood out to you? Where has the Gospel changed your “old nature”? What is the “stink” in your heart that Jesus wants to remove? What moved your heart this Sunday to love Jesus and love people more? Pray for all those that were baptized. What are you dreaming God might do next year?

-Talk about what God is doing in our family of Churches, all for His glory and our good. Where is His goodness on display? Where do you feel the Spirit is on the move?

-Talk about front-burner issues. You could ask questions like… how’s your heart? What are you facing? Where are you discouraged? Where are you being challenged and stretched by God? How can your City Group be praying for you and encourage you?

-Talk about what or where God might be taking your City Group. If you were dreaming God-sized dreams… what might God do through you? Where might you partner with God to be His hands and feet?  Who’s someone He might have you disciple and baptize at our next all Citylight baptism celebration? Is there an estranged relationship He might be pressing on your heart to take the first step that might bring about reconciliation?

Pray it out!