Hey City Group, Leaders! The City Group Kickoff Sunday night was amazing! It was so fun hearing all of your voices fill the room with worship, watching each group gather at their table and then connect with the new people who showed up. Let’s keep praying that more people would find a family to belong to in one of our City Groups! Spending our time in Colossians is going to make this a great Fall. We kicked off the series Sunday morning. Below are some questions to help guide your discussion. As always, feel free to use these or mix on your own. 

Ice Breaker: What have you thanked God for recently?

Read the Scriptures together: Colossians 1:1-8

Sermon Summary: Often, great things come in small packages. You’ve experienced that in life. All the beauty of a diamond fits in a tiny box. All the power of dynamite fits in a small stick. All the love of a grandma fits in a little old lady. And here in Colossians, all the beauty and power and love of God in the gospel of Jesus is packed into one little book. Here at the beginning of the letter, Paul highlights three things he’s thankful for in this 5ish-year-old, small-town church plant. It’s a list of the gospel fruit he sees growing in them:

  1. Their faith in Christ Jesus
  2. The love that they have for all the saints
  3. Because of the hope laid up for them in heaven

Let’s look at each:

1. Faith in Christ Jesus

  • The Colossians’ faith had an object and a direction — Christ Jesus!
  • Read Hebrews 11:1 together.
  • How does that verse shape your understanding of the Christian faith?
  • How does that compare with your personal faith?
  • How can you help each other build your faith in Christ Jesus together?

2. Love for all the saints

  • If the saints love all the other saints, that means all the people Jesus loves, love all the other people Jesus loves.
  • Erick reminded us of all the people Jesus loved. Which ones stood out to you? 
    • People that take effort to love: prostitutes, thieves, lepers, etc  
    • People who are different than us: Matthew, the tax collector who loved the Roman Empire, and Simon, the Zealot who hated it
    • People who hurt Jesus: Peter the denier and Thomas the doubter
  • Who do you need help loving? Ask the Spirit to show Jesus love, through you.
  • What practical steps can you take this week to love all the saints?

3. Hope laid up for them in heaven

  • Read John 11:25. How does that verse inspire hope in you?
  • In what ways can our hope in heaven motivate our faith and love right now?

Pray and ask God to continue to increase gospel fruit in you!