Hey City Group leaders! I heard the City Group prayer/launch night was a win! Thank you so much for serving the church and giving leadership to what we do. You guys live and embody what we value at Citylight and we couldn’t do what we do if it weren’t for you. I pray you have a great week connecting and pointing one another towards Jesus this week.

Ice Breaker: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever prayed for?

Read the Scripture out loud together: Colossians 1:9-14
·      What word or verse stood out to you? Why?

Sermon Summary: Colossians 1 is a public prayer written for us in a letter to an ancient church – the Colossians.  And like a security camera in Paul’s prayer closet, we get to see and hear what Paul prays.  Paul was a person like any of us, but he got blinded by Jesus and then lit up by Jesus, so he spent his life on mission with love for Jesus’ church. We can see how Paul prayed big because He believed in a big God. When it comes to prayer, there are no prayers too small, but there are also no prayers too big! You can’t out-ask God; you can’t overburden God; you can’t ask for too much. Pray big. Pray real, Pray thanks!

-Pray big-

·      What are some mentalities on prayer that you have heard or believed yourself that aren’t biblical? (Hint: there are no prayers too small, but! You can’t out-ask God; you can’t overburden God; you can’t ask for too much. Pray big!) Where do you think these mentalities come from?
·      From the sermon on Sunday and from looking at Paul’s public prayer out of Colossians, what are some ways you are being stirred to pray big for your life and the lives of others?

-Pray real-

·      I’m not praying to try to earn God’s blessing; I’m praying because I already have God’s blessing in Jesus. I’m not praying to try to make God happy; I’m praying because God’s already happy to be with me in Jesus. How can we pray to wake up to the glorious reality that God is with us, happy with us, and blesses us in Jesus?
·      Paul wrote to the Thessalonians to pray without ceasing. How can we make all of life one extensive ongoing conversation with God? How might that change our day today?

-Pray thanks-

The bible is full of identity claims that make our hearts explode in thanks. Below is the list Doug read to us on Sunday.
·      Before you read the list out loud, ask the question upfront- which one did you need to hear and believe more fully, and how did it stir your heart to explode into thanks?

  • In Jesus, we are qualified. None of us are JV or second-string or second-rate or leftovers. We’re qualified. Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are children who get the full inheritance. No favorites and no black sheep. We’re all just as loved, liked, and favored as Jesus himself. Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are saints. The Bible doesn’t teach that saints are the superhero Christians among us who reach an upper echelon, but instead, we are all saints, all holy, all set apart for Jesus. Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are light. Not only has the light shone on us, but we have become light. There was a time when we were in darkness, but now we live in the light and shine the light to others. Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are delivered. We have no ruler but Jesus, no prison warden holding us down, no judge declaring us guilty, no demons destroying us. We’re delivered!  Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are transferred.  We aren’t stuck in a dead-end position or trapped beneath a glass ceiling. We’ve been transferred, brought out, brought into true life. Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are kingdom agents. We have a purpose and a power to live for and live with.  Jesus, the king, has deputized us and sent us to be his agents, bringing the kingdom wherever we go. Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are redeemed. All the dirt and pain of our past takes on new value to tell a story of God’s grace.  What once was only shame and pain in our past can now be beautiful and healing for others. We’re redeemed. Thank you, Jesus!
  • In Jesus, we are forgiven. We all know our sins, the ways we’ve pushed God out or pushed God away, but Jesus took those sins and nailed them to the cross, spilled his blood, gave his body, looked upon you, looked upon me, and Jesus prayed for us. And there on the cross, in our place, Jesus prayed big, and Jesus prayed real. Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them.”

Pray it out!