Ice Breaker – Who was your favorite teacher or coach in school?

Colossians 2:16-23 3:1-4        Read it together!


Nick continued Paul’s instruction to the church in Colossae with this statement:

Baptism is a Gospel-Centered framework we can apply to life

– SO –

If we are connected with Christ in his death, so we have also died, What are we dead to now?

If we are connected with Christ in his life so that we have resurrection life – What are we alive to now?


1 – We are baptized into Jesus’ triumph, so we hold fast to him as the true savior


Col. 2:16-19 there was opposition to the Gospel from at least two groups

Judaizers – must keep the Law + Feasts & Festivals

( these were a Shadow of …..…).             What DID Jesus do with the Old Testament?


Col. 2:18-19 False religions and teachers – Let’s add a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t even make sense…… your body harm, seek visions, worship angels…..

Are there things in your life that you might be trusting more than Jesus?


2 – We are baptized into Jesus death so we don’t worship the worldly views


Col. 2:20-23 Paul asks the question – If we have died with Christ to the elemental spirits of the world – why might we sometimes still live there?


Nick made the point that healthy boundaries are good – But – none of these rules will save me OR even keep me from sinning!!


Worship the Redeemer – NOT the rules.


3 – We are baptized into Jesus life – so – we seek the things that are above

Col. 3:1-4


Nick took us to the Lord’s Prayer – Your kingdom come your will be done……


When you think of Christ’s return – What are you most excited for?

What is keeping me from doing these things now?


Pray for each other.

Serve one another


Thanks for ALL you do for our Citylight Family!!!