Thanks for all you do and how you love the precious folks in your City Groups!  Below are the discussions questions from Arnie – in case your group uses those.  🙂  Love y’all!  -doug

City Group Discussion 10.24.2021

Ice Breaker – Do you keep your driver’s license photo in your family photo album??  Or does it look like it could be on the wall in the Post Office?
Colossians 3:5-17     Read it aloud together!!
Doug started us off with a great truth – Identity determines Activity –
Can you relate to that in your life?
Paul wrote up a list full of do’s and don’ts, good and bad activities
SO – when we think about these activities – is it possible we might make these just a list of laws and rules to criticize ourselves and judge others?
Doug showed us three identities we have as followers of Jesus in verse 12:
1.We are God’s chosen ones –
He chose us!  When did that happen?
Did we (I) have anything to do with Him choosing us (me)?
2.We are holy –
Because God chose us and brought us to faith in Jesus we are holy = set apart
3.We are beloved –
To the believers in Rome Paul wrote this – Romans 5:8
To the believers in Galatia Paul wrote this – Galatians 2:20
What can we then know about how much God loves us, delights in us and enjoys us??
Doug elaborated on four activities Paul gave us as followers of Jesus – with a whole lot of descriptions!
Read v 5-7 again …
1 – We kill off
This is quite a list – and many of these result in physical actions
What does Paul mean by “kill off”?  That sounds pretty serious doesn’t it?


Read v 8-9 again …
2 – We put off
these are sins of the mouth
I don’t know about you But there have been times my words have gotten me in trouble
Read v 12-14 again….
3- We put on 
    • and now Paul gives us some good and gracious words of activity that we show toward each other
Finally read v 15-16 one more time
4- We have in
the peace of Christ IN us
the word of Christ IN us
What a comfort to know we have Christ in us – our hope of glory !!!
Pray with each other and for each other this week!