Citylight U is a community for college-aged students! We exist to make the Gospel known on campus, help students find their identity in Christ and be a fun community for students to engage and grow in. We believe the Gospel not only brings people to Jesus but transforms their life from that point on. We gather together as a community Monday evenings at 6:30 PM at Citylight Council Bluffs!

What does Citylight U do?

Love God. Connect Students. Preach The Gospel.

What does Citylight U value?

MISSION: Our Biggest mission is to guide and encourage young adults to genuinely pursue the great commandments of Jesus—

  • To Truly “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, mind, and soul”, it should be obvious to all if we truly are a people that loves God
  • To Truly “Love your neighbors as yourself”, people should see something supernatural about our love for each other

EVANGELISM: We strive to seek and reach the lost with the gospel because we believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and eternal life.

  • “Go and make disciples”
  • “Baptizing them…. and teaching them to obey…”

AUTHENTICITY: We want to be a family of Real people with Real faith and Real love and care for each other.
DISCIPLESHIP: We disciple young adults to be disciple makers because we believe that the true Christian life is not walked alone and every believer is called to build each other up.
OBEDIENCE: We are serious about obedience to Christ because we believe that loving God includes not only our words, but also our lifestyle.
WORK OF THE SPIRIT: We believe that true transformation only comes from the Holy Spirit, therefore we only preach His Word and regularly have prayer meetings to seek His presence.

The Citylight U Team

Nick Wackerhagen
Family Pastor