Hey Church Family!

We wanted to share an update on our Sunday gatherings.  This Sunday (July 5) we will again have in-person gatherings in our church building to go along with online gatherings.  One key change, though, is that we will now provide communion in our in-person gatherings.  We have found and thought through a way to take communion while maintaining social distance wisdom.  The overall details and new communion details are below. 🙂

When will the in-person gatherings be this Sunday?  We will have two gatherings: 9AM and 11AM.

When will the online gathering be this Sunday?  We will live-stream the 9AM gathering, and then it will be available thereafter on our Facebook Page.

How will communion work?  We will provide time for communion during both our in-person and online gatherings:

  1. Online gatherings.  We encourage anyone tuning in online to get some bread and juice close by so you can participate in communion with us!
  2. In-person gatherings.  Individually packaged communion supplies (wafer and juice) will be available on tables in the back of the room when you first walk in.  Pick one up and take it with you to your seat.  After the sermon, a pastor will prompt you when to take communion.  Pretty simple!

What if I’m sick or considered part of a vulnerable population or just not ready to take the risk of being around crowds yet?  We totally understand!  Our online Sunday stream will be at 9AM and other online resources with continue.  That includes the amazing Citylight Kids Facebook Group for families and children  and ongoing social media.  We really want both people who gather in-person and people who don’t gather in-person to be part of Jesus’ family and what He’s doing through our church.

What are some other social distancing aspects we can expect at our in-person gatherings?  Great question!  Please know that this Sunday is NOT back to normal.  Here’s what you can expect…

  • smiles and happy hellos, but no handshakes or hugs or high fives,
  • hand sanitizer stations outside and inside our building,
  • the doors and windows will be propped open and remain open,
  • no coffee, donuts, fruit, or other refreshments,
  • every other row of chairs removed,
  • signs to communicate social distancing,
  • masks available if you want to use them,
  • requests to take a seat and stay put,
  • families sitting together and parents carefully keeping their children with them,
  • asking for 3-4 chairs between each unit (a unit could be a family or a couple or a single person),
  • cleaning the building between gatherings, and
  • attendance capacity of 120 for each of our in-person gatherings.

We love you church family!  If you have any further questions, ideas, or concerns, please let us know.

Erick and Doug