There are all kinds of different memberships in our culture.  Sometimes membership means a free burrito after you buy ten or free 2-day shipping if you pay an annual fee.  But in Jesus’ church, we believe membership flows out of relationship.  Citylight Council Bluffs Church isn’t an organization to affiliate with, but a family to belong to!

The Bible teaches that in a church, we are members of one another.  We are family members connected to Christ and committed to each other.  Among Citylight Council Bluffs, we affirm and honor this Bible teaching by regularly inviting attenders to become members in a highly relational, step-by-step process!  The steps to becoming a member are…

  1. Attend a DNA Class.  This class is designed to give a full look at the mission, vision, and values or our church.  What makes us click?  What are we passionate about?  And what do we believe?  The class is offered a few times each year!
  2. Attend a Membership Class.  This classes gets into the nuts and bolts of membership.  What is it and why does it matter?
  3. Share your story (using the form below) and meet with a pastor.  This is part of our effort to keep the process relational.  We want to know the people in our church family, hear their stories, and celebrate what God is doing in their lives!
  4. Be commissioned.  A few times each year, we bring up new members on a Sunday, celebrate their commitment, and pray for them.  No speaking required.

One of the steps to becoming a member is simply clicking the button below to share your story of faith with us. We’d be glad to answer any further questions as well!

Tell us your story