We believe that hope, healing, transformation, and reconciliation is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire for those we care for to come to know not only the saving grace of Jesus, but also the transforming and healing grace of Jesus.


Our mission is to provide gospel-centered care to the men and women of Citylight church to empower and support the multiplying of disciples and churches.


Our desire is to foster a culture of soul care in the Citylight family by providing gospel-centered care, counsel, and training. We desire to see lives continuously changed by the person and work of Jesus Christ and we desire to be a healthy family that loves and cares for one another in the sin and suffering of life.

Healing Groups

If you're seeking help with an area of addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, or life in general, we offer a safe and confidential place to grow.

We believe the good news of the gospel is for everyone who places their faith in Jesus. That faith both saves you from your sin forever and transforms you day by day.  If you feel stuck in a habit or area of struggle, our Healing Group might be a great place to find a path to wholeness and healing.  We meet weekly on Monday evenings at 7 pm.



We believe that the gospel is both primary and essential to heal and transform hearts and lives. It is of first importance not only in the care process, but in our very lives (1 Corinthians 15). In care and counseling we rely on the Word of God and the Spirit of God to know and apply the truth of the gospel to our hearts and lives.

We are all a people of process, growth, and change on this side of eternity. We will all walk through trials, temptations, struggles, sin, and suffering. The good news in this is that we are not alone in our struggles. We can trust that God will use all things in this life for His glory and our good as He grows us and conforms us more into the image of Jesus.

We believe that the best and most sustainable environment for life change happens within the context of community. Our walk with the Lord is to be done in community, so the best care and counsel happens as a community of people walk through life together. Growth and healthy life change does not happen when we live in isolation or in hiding. When we are walking through sin or suffering we need community to come along side us.

We believe that care ministry and counseling is a part of the discipleship process. Our desire is to come along side people as they walk through sin or suffering and point them to the person and work of Jesus Christ for true healing and transformation. Our hope is that everyone who leaves our care will be better equipped to live out the mission of God of making disciples where they live, work, and play for the glory of God.

Philosophy of Care

We believe in a holistic view of care. Humanity is created in the image of God, therefore care and counsel must seek to look at the whole of a person as men and women have both a body and a soul. We believe that the Bible is God’s truth revealed to us that points us to the person and work of Jesus Christ, therefore we encourage a robust biblical worldview of people and their problems while promoting Scripture as the supreme source wherein healing truth may be found. Healing, growth, and change happen when the Spirit of God and the word of God transform our hearts and lives within the context of the people of God. Our hope is to point people to the person and work of Jesus Christ where true hope, healing, transformation, and reconciliation can be found.

Our Care Team

Erick Whigham
CLCB Co-Lead Pastor

Peg Christensen
Deacon of Care

Nate and Jeannie Jastorff
Healing Group Leaders