The mission of our church is simple: to multiply disciples and churches!  And disciples of Jesus read their Bibles!  Or, in the words of Jesus, part of discipleship is learning to observe all that He commanded us (Matthew 28:20).  So, since we want to multiply disciples and disciples who read their Bibles, we want to share some tools, plans, and rewards for anyone who signs up to read through the Bible in 2022.

THE REWARD comes early, even before you start.  For anyone who signs up to commit to reading through the Bible in 2022, our church will give you an ESV Concise Study Bible to make the journey even better for you.  With introductions to each book of the Bible, cool maps, and study notes all along the way, you’ll be a Bible nerd in no time!  Just fill out this form, let us know your commitment, and we’ll get your Bible for you!

THE TOOLS are purely options.  Use them if they’re helpful; ignore them if not.

  • We highly recommend the YouVersion Bible App.  You can choose your Bible translation (we recommend the English Standard Version), search for “One Year” under the Plans tab, and the app can send you notifications to help you stay on track.  Plus, many translations even have audio options.
  • A study Bible is a great tool, too.  That’s why we’ll give you the ESV Concise Study Bible, but there are a lot of other great study Bibles out there.
  • The Bible Project has produced videos as introductions to each book of the Bible.  These can be helpful to give you an idea of what each book is about before you start reading that book.

THE PLANS are simply the ones we recommend.  But, of course,  there are other great ones you can find online as well.

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