Citylight Stories: Cole Wredt

May 23, 2022By Citylight Council BluffsStories

Photo: Cole Wredt (left) and Chris Wredt (Right) I remember a time when I was really struggling with my faith and relationship with Jesus. I couldn’t find or feel that connection I’d see everyone else was having around me with him, and I so desperately craved. I remember my prayers being something along the lines … Read More

MyCircle Training – for everyone!

March 9, 2022By Doug StevensNews & Updates

What might it look like if everyone in our church realized God has placed them in the lives they live in, around the people they live with, for a purpose? What might it look like if we also realized that purpose was to give those same people an opportunity to see the Gospel in action, to lovingly share its message … Read More

Men’s Book Studies

January 3, 2022By Doug StevensNews & Updates

Hey men!  The primary way that we connect in our church is through City Groups, but these next few months we’re offering  an additional opportunity to connect for men.  We came up with a sweet, awesome title: Men’s Book Studies!   Here’s the info: We’ll be tracking through Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should … Read More

Week of Prayer and Fasting

January 3, 2022By Doug StevensNews & Updates

We’re launching into 2022 with a week devoted to prayer and fasting as a church!  The deepest desire of our heart is to know God,  and the deepest need of our city is to know God.  Prayer and fasting are powerful ways we connect with God personally and together.  We invite you to join in … Read More